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"High technology produce quality" Offshore casting game has undergone a dramatic evolution .

The pursuit for durability and casting accuracy is important. The Ultra Castman WX8GP-D full drag casting game is specially formulated for the "Big One". 

In order to improve the casting accuracy , WX method GPD processing is a high- technology method to eliminate wind knots etc. high tension can be achieved by 8 high quality yarn Ultra Dyneema . 

In addition GP-D process ensures high uniformity, smoothness and durability. Ultra Castman WX8 Full Drag is the most advanced line every produced.

Colored in different colors by every 10m like chart. Yellow/black marking at every 1m (1yd), yellow marking at every 5m.

  • for FULL DRAG Casting Game
  • Material: Dyneema
  • Made in Japan
  • CONTINUOUS 100m spools and each spool is connected to the next
  • Easy to know at anytime exactly how many spools you have used
  • Note - can be ordered in multiples of 300m. For example, if you wish to order 600m, add 2 pcs to cart and let us know you wish to have them 600m connected.


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