Yamashita Tai Kabura Straight Tail Set 80g
Yamashita Tai Kabura Straight Tail Set 80g


Yamashita Tai Kabura Straight Tail Set 80g

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Yamashita Tai Kabura Straight Tail Set 80g

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Yamashita Tai Kabura Straight Tail Set

Fishing in different water depths can be a little tricky because replacing weights or colors is more difficult, especially on an unstable boat where you have to cut your leader to change heads.

Yamashita with this in mind developed the lure revolutionary Tai Kabura.
A fully customizable sea bream where head colors, tails, skirts can be easily changed.
The combination of a head of weak hydrodynamic central gravity that flows gently through the water, the extremely beautiful colors of the skirts and tails that make a scientific paternity of one bait make Yamashita's Tai Kabura a deadly weapon for fishing in Tai-Rubber!

Change heads in 5 seconds!

With Tai Kabura interchangeable heads you can change the tai rubber head without removing the skirt from the leader in a matter of 5 seconds. The only method of extending your fishing time at different water depths with different weight heads as well as different color heads according to different time zones.


Tai Kabura Kaedama Head desing

A completely innovative design the Tai Kabura Interchangeable head saves time in fishing while offering a variety of weights and colors. Hydrodynamic low center gravity head that flows smoothly in the water and easy to change. Tailored to the taste of red snappers, sea breams.
The display size of weight is quite visible on both sides n the head. A holographic tape is also on both sides to increase attention from the fish. A big hole is on the head in order to fit or remove with pliers the skirt plastic tip and the plastic knot cob easily as the line passes smoothly without affecting the line.
Besides the easy in head change anglers have a large variety of weights also a variety of eye catching colors to match different time zones as well as bait preference caused by seasonal changes.


Taco bait Skirts

6 unique design colors to combine with the Tai Kabura Kaedama Heads and that fit in every fishing situation. Derived from scientific studies the end legs of the Tako bait skirts are wave like that increased predator attraction.