Yamashita Tai Kabura HADOU BAIT SET
Yamashita Tai Kabura HADOU BAIT SET
Yamashita Tai Kabura HADOU BAIT SET
Yamashita Tai Kabura HADOU BAIT SET
Yamashita Tai Kabura HADOU BAIT SET

Yamashita Tai Kabura HADOU BAIT SET

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Yamashita Tai Kabura HADOU BAIT SET

#05 Squid Green

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Fishing with conventional Tai rubber lures can be time consuming especially on a nice day when the fish are really biting. Fishing in various water depths can be a little tricky since replacing weights or colors is more difficult especially on an unstable boat where you have to cut of the leader to switch the head. Yamashita having this in mind developed the revolutionary Tai Kabura jig. A fully customizable jig where heads (different weights & colors) and tails skirts can be interchanged with ease. The combination of a hydrodynamic low center gravity head that flows smoothly in the water, the extremely good colors of skirts and tails that make a scientifically proven pattern of a bait make Yamashita's Tai Kabura a lethal weapon for Tai Rubber fishing! 

Yamashita Tai Kabura Hadou Bait Set Includes: Tai Kabura Bait Skirts + Straight Tails + Twin Assist Hooks

Tai Kabura Bait Skirts

Unique design colors to combine with the Tai Kabura Kaedama Heads and that fit in every fishing situation. Derived from scientific studies the end legs of the octopus  bait skirts are wave like that increased predator attraction.

Straight Tails

The straight tail  has a normal wide width tie like design. The ultra thin silicon material makes a wide agile movement and at the tip it produces a slight vibration in order to reproduce the wave of the reaction of a fleeding fish bait such as sardines. Extremely attractable for snappers during low activity.

Twin Assist Hooks

The assist hooks are designed based on analysis of the structure of the mouth of a predator in order to have a secure hook-up.

Change heads quickly!

The head can be purchased from here:


With Tai Kabura interchangeable heads you can change the tai rubber head without removing the skirt from the leader in a matter of 5 seconds. The only method of extending your fishing time at different water depths with different weight heads as well as different color heads according to different time zones.