2021 Yamashita Egi-Oh K KEIMURA(UV) Super Shallow Squid Jig Size #3.5

$16.80 AUD

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  • Ideal fall and dirt action.
  • KEIMURA(UV) Super Shallow Type
  • Capture low activity squid with Keimura (UV) emission
  • Hydro Fin - attached at the rear of the jig for improved stability when sinking
  • Hydro Eyes - flat eyes with Keimura pupil and Glow edge
  • Hydro Sinker and TIN sinker - environmentally friendly tin sinker with tuning holes for adding or reducing weight
  • Warm Jacket - this thermos storage cloth will transfer any light into heat for a more natural appeal
  • Hydro Body - pentagon body design for increased stability when sinking
  • Tuned double crown hooks - the back crown of stainless steel hooks are opened wider for improved hook ups
  • G-Flash lateral line - strong tape running down each side of the jig for increased flash and appeal Color
  • Fall Speed : about 3.0 s/m
  • Weight : about 22g

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