Yamashita Egi-Oh K 490GLOW Squid Jig Size #2.5

Yamashita Egi-Oh K 490GLOW Squid Jig Size #2.5

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Glow of 490nm wavelength is most perceivable for squid.

"490GLOW" is one of the YAMASHITA's exclusive technology.

  • Hydro Fin - attached at the rear of the jig for improved stability when sinking
  • Hydro Eyes - flat eyes with Keimura pupil and Glow edge
  • Hydro Sinker and TIN sinker - environmentally friendly tin sinker with tuning holes for adding or reducing weight
  • Warm Jacket - this thermo storage cloth will transfer any light into heat for a more natural appeal
  • Hydro Body - pentagon body design for increased stability when sinking
  • Tuned double crown hooks - the back crown of stainless steel hooks are opened wider for improved hook ups
  • G-Flash lateral line - strong tape running down each side of the jig for increased flash and appeal Color
  • Fall Speed 
    • #2.5: about 5.0 s/m
    • #3.0: about 3.0 s/m
    • #3.5: about 3.0 s/m
    • #4.0: about 3.0 s/m
  • Weight : 
    • #2.5: 11g
    • #3.0: 16g
    • #3.5: 22g
    • #4.0: 26g

For many years squid anglers all over the world have used jigs equipped with glow material. Now, research shows the best wavelength of visible light squid is 490nm. This is a tuned glow of 490nm which YAMASHITA discovered with the research from a leading Japanese university is the best glow color for the squids eyes to detect. "Glow of 490nm wavelength is most perceivable for squid."

Effective during prime time and muddy water

Keimura body : for clear water and day time. 
490GLOW body : for muddy water and night time.