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BlueSniper Boat Casting models which are renewed in 2015 have been achieving admirations from many anglers because of those potential of accuracy and toughness.
To deal with present casting game of Blue Runner which have to fish with diving pencil mainly, it have been loaded sensitive and flexible tip section to manipulate lure at your will, potential of usability and ability of distance cast. We have designed these to pull large and heavy fish up to surface by elastic restoring force of blanks itself. It is how we think that rod for boat casting game is supposed to be. This is well considered rod for off shore boat casting which have been packed our knowledges and experiences to catch large Blue Runner or Tuna kind.

BlueSniper Boat-Casting Bending Curve

These are images that have been tighten the drug of reel maximum on the rod from boat casting series and keep it 45 degrees angle and Put a load to obliquely downward. Blacky series can be kept holding more than angle so we have added images that holding rod more than 70 degrees angle.

The power of butt section of these are almost same but stiffness of belly section to tip section is different a lot. Please use these images as indication to make sure the tendency of these series.
※These images should be use as indication. Please note that bending curve will be changeable depend on the posture of anglers and speed of raise the rod.


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