23 Yamaga Blanks SeaWalk Tairubber 70AT
23 Yamaga Blanks SeaWalk Tairubber 70AT

23 Yamaga Blanks SeaWalk Tairubber 70AT

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23 Yamaga Blanks SeaWalk Tairubber 70AT

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To seek the possibility of tai rubber game.

The SeaWalk Tairubber series will be reborn in 2023 with a totally new design and concept.
There are various methods to target Snapper around the world and Tairubber is just one of them. There are seasonal patterns, varying sea conditions depending on the area, simple reeling methods to highly technical approaches for targeting snapper with the Tairubber.
For the new SeaWalk Tairubber series, we have differentiated the categories for the 4 rods depending on style and conditions rather than rod power to set them apart from one another.
We have an “AT” (automatic) type for simple reeling of the tairubber, allowing for automatic setting of the hook. The “D” (Deep) type to decipher the complicated currents in deep (100m+) channels and straits. The “S” (sensitive) type, with the most flexible tip of the series, to capture the slightest bites of the reluctant fish in the shallows area. Last but not lease, the “F” (Fast) type which is a highly sensitive rod to swiftly hook up the fish with the high responsiveness.
Our goal was to produce “equipment that will allow anglers to enjoy any given sea conditions”. Equipped with not only the lightness of a light game rod, but also the sensitivity and strength, these blanks will be the extension to your arm enabling anglers to go head to head with monstrous snapper exceeding 80cm in length
We hope you can experience our exquisite blanks that will shine a new light into your snapper game.


『SeaWalk Tairubber 70AT (Automatic) - This is an all rounder Tairubber model which will allow for more automatic hooking of the fish.』

This is a specialized model to automatically hook up snapper by simply continuing to reeling in your rig following the small nibbles which frequently occur prior to the main bite. The automatic yet smooth hooking of the fish is brought on by the flexible yet powerful blank. In addition, the 7.0ft length blank will absorb the rocking of the boat and allow for a more stable retrieval of your tairubber resulting in increased bites from the snapper. The thin yet outstanding strength in the butt section will allow anglers to easily lift the monstrous snapper from the deep while absorbing the neck shaking of the large fish. This model is the backbone for the series and can be recommended for use in various field conditions.


  • Lure: 60~150g (Tairubber)
  • Line: PE 0.6~1
  • Length:2143mm
  • Closed Length:1624mm
  • Weight:134g
  • Section:2pcs(Grip joint)
  • Carbon:87.5%
  • Guide: SiC-S Stainless frame K Guide(Fuji)/ Spiral guide setting
  • Reel Seat:PULS17(Fuji)
  • Grip:a.458mm / b.585mm
  • Target: Red Sea Bream
  • Depth: about 30-100m
  • Lure: Tairubber
  • Suitable reel size: Daiwa #100~200 / Shimano #100~300