XESTA RUNWAY SLS (Super Light Shore) Jigging Rod

XESTA RUNWAY SLS (Super Light Shore) Jigging Rod

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XESTA RUNWAY SLS (Super Light Shore) Jigging Rod


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A rod exclusively for the super method "Super Light Shore Jigging (SLS)" that allows you to catch anything from blue-backed fish and root fish.

In shore jigging, XESTA proposes a fishing method called Super Light Shore Jigging (SLS) using a small metal jig for situations where metal jigs such as silas bait and mysid pattern and plugs are completely toothless. The small silhouette has brought about an unprecedented explosive fishing result, which has caused a great response in various places. As a result, the small metal jig jumped from sub-handling to a main lure at once. Along with that, the number of anglers who tune the hook system and enjoy delicate root fish games is increasing, and SLS is evolving day by day. The blanks not only made it possible to fly small metal jigs far offshore, but also had delicate tips for carrying a small bite while swimming and long range bottoms with jerk, twitch and slow action without losing power. The routine tricks work. With the addition of the solid tip model, you can enjoy even more sensitive games, so you will be able to develop SLS games that go one step further.

[Guide System]

The butt section P color KL guide (SIC-S), the tap section P color KT guide (SIC-S), and the top P color LG top guide (SIC) are used. A small-diameter guide is used with an emphasis on accuracy and flight distance on the ultra-fine PE line.

[Grip Design]

Set the TVS reel seat with a down lock. It goes well with small spinning and fits comfortably in your hand, so you can technically operate a small jig even in a long range.


It is effective in situations where you want to make full use of techniques such as embankments, steep surfs, and small rocks. It has a supple tap and crispy blanks, which not only reduces disintegration but also makes it easy to generate linear actions like shirasu, so you can eat it without using extra tricks during winding. Designed for easy action. It's the ultimate feeding blanks.

The most convenient length to enjoy SLS. The moderately long end grip not only supports armpit pinching, but also relieves fatigue even in long games. In addition, the torque from the belly has improved the repulsive force of the blanks in a dramatic manner, which not only expands the jig tolerance more than ever, but also supports the latest technicians such as Super Micro Shore Throw. The result is one that expands the SLS stage more than ever.

A super light shore jigging (SLS) rod that has unprecedented sensitivity and delicate operability by mounting ultra-sensitive solid carbon on the tip section. By having a delicate tip with a fine tip and a berry and bat with torque, it is possible to improve the cast feeling and throw a jig with a wide range of weights from 3 g ultra-small jig to 30 g. One of the whole body that breaks new ground of SLS advocated by XESTA.

5-piece specification with excellent portability. mobile rod that allows you to enjoy Super Light Shore Jigging SLS anytime, anywhere !

The runway SLS has been redesigned as a 5-piece mobile specification while maintaining the light and sharp swinging comfort and outstanding flight distance. The bat and berry are jointed with an inro with little power loss, and the tip section is joined in parallel with an emphasis on sensitivity and operability. The taper is the first taper when the load is low, such as when jerk, but when the load is applied, it smoothly vents to the berries and can respond flexibly to fighting on fine lines. A multi-piece SLS rod that allows you to easily enjoy SLS games on business trips and travel destinations was born here.