X-BRAID FC ABSORBER Slim&Strong Leader 30m

X-BRAID FC ABSORBER Slim&Strong Leader 30m

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X-BRAID FC ABSORBER Slim&Strong Leader 30m

#3 - 15.5LB

North Willoughby

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North Willoughby NSW 2068

    Overwhelmingly high quality! Extremely high quality and strongest fluoro shock leader
    It achieves 1.2 times the strength and slimmer thread diameter compared to YGK conventional products. by α1 special manufacturing method. In addition, it has a high surface smoothness (almost no unevenness), has almost no error in thread diameter, and has an ideal thread quality that is supple and perfectly circular. Slim & Strong boasts the strongest knot strength, straight-line strength, and toughness, despite its specifications (thin) that closely match the standard thread diameter. It's soft and strong, and once you use it, you won't be able to put it down.
    • Color:Natural
    • 30m
    • Fluorocarbon
    • Gravity: 1.78
    • Made in Japan