TRUTH Japan Oceansprinter 8110

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  • Length: 8feet1inch
  • Closed Length: 1755cm
  • Weight: 392g
  • Tip Dia.: 3.2mm
  • Pe: #8-10
  • Lure: 100-270g
  • Pieces: Grip Joint
  • Guide: All stainless PMNST16 / PMNSG16 / PMNSG20 / PMNSG25 / PMNSG30 / PMNSG40
  • Compatible reel: STELLA18000HG(Best), STELLA14000XG, SALTIGA5500-7000


This model is also related to the weight of the angler.
The recommended weight is 70 kg or more, but even small people who can put their weight firmly and fight can demonstrate rod power.

Those who want to apply a higher load than # 8, those who like a strong cast feeling, poppers while using a pencil (example: HAMMERHEAD Gcup can be used, but it is not a feeling of playing, it is entwined with water It is a feeling of use. It is a model recommended for those who want to use it (it also supports small diameter poppers such as EXTREME LURE DEKAGERO and can perform various actions), and those who want to pull the GT firmly while bending flexibly in fighting. Since it is a straight taper that responds relatively flexibly to sudden rushes, it is a model that can be recommended for those who have been afraid to challenge with a high load, and it is possible to easily continue to apply a high load. (Around 15 km, 18 km in a torrent area in the test)
Of course, even those who do not fight with a high load and those with a general physique can use it all day long.
Compared to # 8, it has a regular taper, so you need some strength when throwing a large lure, but you can easily cast it up to 170g.

* In the explanation, it seems to be harder than # 8, but I think it will be a mild type rather than a rugged one.
It is a model that can be used not only for GT but also for large amberjack, but if there is a fish directly under it, it will be a power balance that corresponds to it by sitting down a little, so when using it in amberjack, the height and standing position of the pole I think it needs to be considered. If the fish is far away, you can stand the rod firmly.

Recommended for targets that can compete in a short time (within 15 minutes).
From these things, you can understand the performance of the rod.




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