TRUTH Japan Ocean Sprinter 711RS

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The blank repulsion is enhanced, and the response of manual operation of the lure and other operations is enhanced.
Set to a short length so that it can be used comfortably for a long time.

After the hit, the blank repulsion is used, and it is in a condition that can respond to more speedy development.
The degree of completion is high from the prototype No. 1, and in 2019, we have been fishing in various fields with the cooperation of our collaborators.

Regarding the development concept, there was no room for improvement, and it was a wonderful model.

As you can imagine, the release point and sweet spot are also narrow when casting. If you are confident in your strength, you can cast more than the display below.

Diving pencil actions that cannot be expressed with soft tips are also possible.
I feel that it is also effective for amberjack casting, which preys on large baits.

Short length is set for comfortable and long-term use. The grips are designed with slender hard EVA.

RS: Abbreviation for response. "Reaction" "correspondence", response is good! It has the meaning of.

  • length (m): 7ft11inch (2m42cm)
  • Pieces: 2 pieces grip joints
  • Closing length(cm): 171cm
  • Weight (g): 384g (# 1: 161g, # 2: 223g)
  • Tip diameter / Butt diameter (mm): 3.5mm / 17mm
  • Lure weight: Recommended weight: 100-180g
  • Line PE (No.): PE8 -
  • Guide: All stainless PMNST16 / PMNSG16 / PMNSG20 / PMNSG25 / PMNSG30 / PMNSG40
  • Recommended Reels: Saltiga 18000H/20000H/6500H/8000H or Stella 18000H/20000H
  • Made in Japan


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