TOHO Fishing Bond

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15 g set (A agent 7.5 g, B agent 7.5 g) 20 ℃, working time 4 minutes or less, practical strength 1 hour or more, final strength 12 hours or more * When the image of the product being posted is displaying the representative image there is. Moreover, it may look different from the actual color. Please note.

It is a two-part mixed type epoxy type strong adhesive of quick drying 5 minutes curing. You can strongly bond floats, lures, reels and most hard materials such as glass, ceramics, metal, wood, hard plastic, tiles, concrete and so on. There is no volumetric shrinkage after curing, filling and padding adhesion is possible. Pale yellow transparent type and adhesion points are not conspicuous. As a material unsuitable for adhesion, polyethylene, polypropylene, soft vinyl chloride, fluororesin, silicone resin, rubber and so on.

  • Made in Japan

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