Takamitechnos 23MOZ 622LM - Green Custom
Takamitechnos 23MOZ 622LM - Green Custom
Takamitechnos 23MOZ 622LM - Green Custom

Takamitechnos 23MOZ 622LM - Green Custom

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Takamitechnos 23MOZ 622LM - Green Custom

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NEO Solid CC Custom

Green Colour Custom on 

  • Blank Painting
  • Logo Color
  • Reel Seat
  • Aluminum Parts

Flower illustration on the reel seat


What is 23 MOZ?

The MOZ series started with 16MOZ released in 2016, and this time, we will release the second generation 23MOZ.

The basic performance of the 23MOZ base model is about the same as the 16MOZ standard model.

23MOZ has readjusted "blank material", "power" and "tone" to suit the modern jigging scene.

What is Neo solid "CC"custom?

It is a custom item on blank that can upgrade the basic performance of MOZ without any disadvantages.

Solid carbon blanks are 100% carbon fiber longitudinally.

In the Neo Solid CC Custom, carbon fiber is densely wound horizontally on the outermost layer of the solid blank and baked to integrate.

By adding only carbon fiber with a horizontal axis close to 90°, twisting is moderately suppressed, "dramatically improving the quality of sensitivity" and "optimizing the repulsion force".

Furthermore, it is highly effective in preventing peeling of vertical fibers (hanging) under high load.

"CC" means a carbon solid blank with carbon fibers fired as the outermost layer.

Neosolid "CC"custom and aluminum parts are customized to gunmetal.
The hood that attaches the reel is also the same color as the aluminum parts. 



  • Guide setting: all single foot
  • Guide size: 621-624LM, 622-624LM #5.5 inner diameter 3.7mm
  • 625-626LM #6 inner diameter 4.4mm
  • Foregrip: Short type EVA 30mm
  • Center grip: Short type EVA 30mm
  • End grip: EVA 83mm
  • End cap: rubber cork
  • Blank Color: Clear
  • Reel seat color: black
  • Main Thread Color: Black
  • Aluminum parts Color: Dark gunmetal
  • Logo Color: Silver