Takamitechnos 16MOZ 523LM - Orange + Pink Custom
Takamitechnos 16MOZ 523LM - Orange + Pink Custom
Takamitechnos 16MOZ 523LM - Orange + Pink Custom
Takamitechnos 16MOZ 523LM - Orange + Pink Custom

Takamitechnos 16MOZ 523LM - Orange + Pink Custom

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Takamitechnos 16MOZ 523LM - Orange + Pink Custom

North Willoughby

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Orange Colour Custom on 

  • Blank Painting

Pink Colour Custom on 

  • Reel Seat

Flower illustration on the reel seat


・ Features of MOZ rods・

  • The highest quality Japanese-made full solid carbon is used for the blank.
  • The inside of the reel seat is also filled with a high hardness and lightweight material,
  • Eliminate cavities and solidify
  • The guide fixing is set to the shortest width and does not interfere with bending and transmission.
  • The guide is fixed by a highly rigid threading method.
  • Originally established a built-in method exclusively for full solid blanks.
  • The grip type is "HGEVA (High Grip EVA)".

・ MOZ main concept ・

  • The line tension that should be emphasized in operation is
  • Since it starts to hang one tempo later than the movement on the angler side,
  • Like the line tension, the rod itself is delayed by one tempo and returns powerfully.
  • The line tension transmitted to the jig synchronizes with the rod action,
  • The jig bites the water with the rod action.

・ Materials + Process + Know-how ・

  • All MOZs are handmade in-house
  • To maximize the potential of the blank
  • A standard model that eliminates wasteful items when used for decoration.

・ Blank ・

  • The highest quality domestic full solid carbon material
  • Uses a blank that has been processed with high precision in Japan.
  • The strength against breaking is high, which cannot be reproduced with a tubular blank.
  • Considering that various parts will be attached to the finished rod at the blank design stage,
  • Blank design and special parts design & material that have been repeatedly adjusted so that the bends are connected neatly.
  • This gives you a beautiful bend curve and a smooth power curve.

· guide ·

  • TakamiTechnos original,
  • A guide fixing method that will not come off even after long-term use.
  • The threading method with high holding power has high rigidity and has a positive effect on sensitivity.
  • With multi-point small diameter all titanium single foot guide setting
  • It also contributes to high transmission and a beautiful bend curve.
  • Of particular note is the guide foot length = thread width.
  • A method that eliminates waste and obstacles

・ Lightweight, hard, high-strength solid arbor ・

  • In adopting a solid blank that can withstand high loads
  • High-strength and lightweight material originally developed inside the reel seat.
  • The inside of the reel seat has a solid structure with no cavities to suppress reverberation and reverberation, which is an unpleasant taste for sensitivity.

· Painting ·

  • With high-grade paint with high durability and high weather resistance
  • High quality and stability in costly spray painting and process.

・ MOZ620 LM series ・

  • As a MOZ original series, it has specifications and individuality to perfectly suit the main concept,
  • This is the standard series for the MOZ series.
  • The 620 number is good at slow tempo jerk style.

・ MOZ620HM series ・

  • HM series uses highly elastic carbon solid blank
  • In terms of strength, it is inferior to the LM series, which is a medium elastic carbon solid.
  • The 620HM series has the characteristic of quicker response than the 620LM series.
  • It is a series to select according to the situation.

・ MOZ520 LM series ・

  • The 520 number is the only one with specifications for fast tempo jerk style.
  • Even with a short length of 5.2ft
  • By no means a stick, but with flexibility, inheriting the main concept of MOZ,
  • You can feel the balance between softness and rigidity.
  • Because it is a short length
  • Because of these characteristics, besides the fast tempo jerk style
  • It is a series that is also useful when handling heavy jigs in deep water.

・ MOZ620 LightZERO series ・

  • It will be a specification for inshore light jigging.
  • A well-balanced series of fast-tempo jerks and slow-tempo jerks.
  • Light jigging is mainly about 30 to 120 m, which is relatively shallow.
  • Unlike the MOZ620LM series, it does not bend deeply to the bat and has a strong berry to tip.
  • The LightZERO series has a strong bat and a soft tip.
  • With light jigging, this kind of tone is extremely easy to handle,
  • It can be enjoyed in many sea areas and situations.
  • Also, in addition to such a tone and variations that are easy to use properly,
  • As it is a full solid carbon blank
  • It is a series that can be very useful even for scrolls such as sea bream mules and inchiku.

・ MOZ580 LM / SPN series ・

  • It's good at at high pitch.
  • A high power jigging rod that can be aimed at large fish.
  • When using in slow jigging
  • Compared to the 520 series, it is possible to take an approach that takes advantage of the length.
  • Easy-to-manage length.
  • Powerful butt power. Responsive operability.

Example of proper use for each water depth

  • Based on the MOZ620LM series, which is active in multiple situations with a water depth of around 80 to 300m.
  • For shallow water of 30 to 120 m, MOZ620 Light ZERO series.
  • MOZ520LM series when the water depth is over 300m and a fairly deep and heavy jig is used.