Tailwalk Metal Jig Great Barrier Long 245mm 205g

$32.45 AUD

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  • GREAT BARRIER JIG SERIES - this is the ‘WORLD STANDARD JIGGING LURE’ produced by CHARMAS KITAMURA who is the one of most famous saltwater angler.
  • GREAT BARRIER is basic type jig , good fluttering , rolling and wobbling action.
  • Available 100g, 130g, 150g with normal type.
  • We have long type " GREAT BARRIER LONG" good for active fish ,muddy condition,big fish.
  • Available 150g, 185g, 205g with long type.
  • You can get many kind of game fish with GREAT BARRIER series,AMBERJACK,YELLOWTAIL,BONITO,SEABASS,SWORD FISH,BOTTOM FISH etc・・・

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