TACKLE HOUSE TJ120 Tai Jig (120g)

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Just roll it up and invite it.

Developed for the purpose of expanding the enjoyment of fishing "by one's own will" by responding to positive invitations in red sea bream jigging. The special shape of the T-section allows you to take action as you like. The fall meanders and rolls.

In the retrieve, the special cross-sectional shape keeps the posture and swings the tail with a roll. The silhouette looks like fish and crustaceans and induces bite. The pull resistance is light, and the movement changes naturally due to changes in the tide and flow, and reeling. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal. You can attack freely. 

After casting, take the bottom and just wind it. Keep the range with the countdown. Swimming the bottom and middle layers vertically, horizontally and diagonally, fast winding and slow action are also effective. Range, retrieve speed, action, and free production are possible to match the activity of the day.

<Hook setting>

Specially shaped line eye that supports various hook settings. Fits the body by attaching the hook directly. If you attach it to the swivel, you can make the hook dance without any discomfort. Also supports rear assist hooks.

  • Length: 86 mm
  • Weight: 120 grams


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