Souls Dynamite DonDon 160mm 115g
Souls Dynamite DonDon 160mm 115g

Souls Dynamite DonDon 160mm 115g

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Souls Dynamite DonDon 160mm 115g

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"Diving pencil that produces sound and bubbles" The "Mog Rapper" has become an epoch-making model.

"Dynamite Don Don" is a model that has been brushed up to invite historical lures and to demonstrate further effects with patterns.

The body style that does not disperse the center of gravity gives an effective flight distance for nabla strikes.

The effective sound is not only loud, but also closer to the predatory frequency of a fish eater, and the bubble, which is essential for the lure pattern, is the most repeated trial and error part, and the calculated depth and angle of the cup and the position of the eye. Generates a big bubble.

It produces a high response rate from deep points, and the final appeal to the floating fish is a realistic swimming style that boppers cannot.

Among the sound lures that SOULS has worked on so far, the appeal is the best.

  • Length: 160mm
  • Weight: 115g
  • Hook: OWNER Cultiva ST-66 4/0