SOM Custom Spool NO LIMITS 22EX4000S/T

SOM Custom Spool NO LIMITS 22EX4000S/T

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SOM Custom Spool NO LIMITS 22EX4000S/T

Gold Silver (GS)

North Willoughby

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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22EX spool with new color corresponding to 22 EXIST.
After releasing the 18EX compatible with the 18EX several years ago, it received a positive feedback for its high drag performance and waterproof performance, mainly for sea bass fishing.
This time, we are introducing the 22EX4000, which has high performance and matches the high-quality coloring of the 22 EXIST.

  • Products Name: NO LIMITED 22EX4000S/T
  • Fitting Model:
    • 22 EXIST 4000
    • 18 EXIST 4000
    • 19 Certate 4000
    • 21 LUVIAS AIRITY 4000
  • Color: Blue Black, Gold Silver, Dark Silver, 
  • Line Capacity: PE #1.5-150m / #1-200m
  • Weight: 43g
  • Max Drag: 6.5kg

*The strength design is based on the PE line listed. Please be careful when using nylon line/PE line with high elongation/extra-fine PE line as the spool body may deform.

Extraordinary flying multi-cut spool ring

While the taper angle of the spool ring is close to that of a throwing reel that prioritizes casting distance, we have introduced a large variable cut surface at the bottom of the spool ring.
The multi-cut surface adds some resistance to the ejecting line immediately after casting, which rectifies the ejecting line and prevents casting troubles.
In the middle to late cast, the casting speed of the lure slows down due to air resistance, the force of the line released from the spool weakens, and the loop expands, reducing contact with the variable cut surface.
Since the discharged line only touches the top of the spool ring, the low resistance taper angle provides minimal discharge resistance.


Absolute waterproof "cassette drag"

During sea bass fishing, especially while wading, it is unavoidable that the reel will be flooded when it lands on water, and there is a risk of flooding even when washing the reel after use.
When flooded, grease and water mix, causing an emulsification phenomenon and causing problems with drag operation. For this EX spool,
we have developed a structure that improves waterproof performance and prevents water from entering when wading.
*The photo shows the reel itself immersed in red colored liquid and the spool disassembled.
Due to the cassette drag, the drag washer is sealed in grease, so even when the reel is submerged in water, there is no water intrusion into the washer.

Two drag tunings [T/Tough] [S/Soft]

The thick line has a sticky element in its sliding characteristics, making it tough-tuned for powerful hooking and fighting.
Soft tuning allows for quick initial movement on thin lines and delicate fighting with flat drag sliding.
T and S have different characteristics using different felt materials and grease viscosity, and the 4000S model is set to T tuning, and the 4000SS model is set to S tuning.

``KIRIKO-CHIDORI'', a design of tradition and innovation

It is now possible to process thin walls, reducing the weight of the spool skirt. Furthermore, we focused on the design and focused on the Kiriko work, which uses a rotating whetstone to create various patterns on crystal glass.
KIRIKO-CHIDORI expresses the beauty of this traditional technique with an innovative processing approach. KIRIKO is truly Kiriko, and CHIDORI expresses a houndstooth pattern.
*The reel in the photo is 18 Exist.