S.O.M PREMIUM Single Assist Jigging Hook SEIGI

S.O.M PREMIUM Single Assist Jigging Hook SEIGI

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S.O.M PREMIUM Single Assist Jigging Hook SEIGI

25-30F (30mm)

North Willoughby

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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North Willoughby NSW 2068


Pelagic fish hooks typically have thick shafts, which may not be suitable for the line size. The hook exclusively  designed for slow pitch jerks for pelagic fish is called "SEIGI," which was developed based on the insights of top angler Yasuo Nishimoto.

The hooks are entrusted to "Hariyoshi Co., Ltd.," which has a long history in Hyogo Japan and specializes in hand-bending small hooks, ensuring consistent production. Moreover, these hooks were developed exclusively for STUDIO Ocean Mark.

The silver-plated finish, which suppresses unnecessary light, also boasts outstanding corrosion resistance.

  • Hook Size:#25
  • Assist line Length: 30mm, 35mm, 40mm
  • 2 set per pack

<Estimated Target:>

  • Size #25: Yellowtail/Kampachi in the 15kg class, Tuna in the 50kg class
  • Size #23 Thick & #23: : Amberjack over 10kg, Yellowtail/Kampachi in the 10kg class, Tuna in the 30kg class
  • Size #20 Thick & #20 : Amberjack in the 10kg class, Yellowtail/Kampachi in the 5kg class, Tuna in the 15kg class

<Hook Features:>

  1. Long shank design to increase leverage and penetration power.
  2. Round shaft with a rounded shape to prevent tearing during fights.
  3. Flat machining to increase penetration power and strength.
  4. Straight hook point for excellent penetration power.

<Assist Hook Features (Single Specification):>

❶ SOM custom solid ring

❷ SOM custom assist line

❸ Assist line with hooks passed through