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20kg display
The weight scale with kilograms that is easy for Japanese to understand is MAX 20kg, which supports from ranker-sized Lateolabrax maculatus / Blackfin seabass to offshore dolphin fish / yellowtail / tuna.

Big type stainless steel grip
Equipped with GRIP made of stainless steel, which is the origin of HEAVY & DUTY and is not easily damaged even in harsh use! Designed for not only ranker-sized Lateolabrax maculatus / Blackfin seabass but also blue ones.

Hyper One Way Cam
The stopper, which is an essential function that does not drop landed fish, uses a cam system that does not rely on spring power.

* Achieves more than double the grip power of the conventional model while maintaining the same operating power as before.
* The effective range of the stopper is that the grip opening is within 16 mm.

Drag set function (Patent No. 3785416)
Drag setting is possible without difficult calculation by matching the number of PE line to be used with the marking. Two types of line strength are used: 1/4 display for large diameter PE lines and 1/7 display for small diameter PE lines.

Offset handle
Uses an offset handle that gives you more freedom in your wrist than a straight type body. Landing mistakes are drastically reduced by the synergistic effect of the grip part that opens on one side and the trigger design. In addition, the handle end is made extremely thick to prevent it from falling off, preventing it from slipping out during weighing.

Rolling handle & hook
Uses a handle rotation structure. The fish will not run wild carelessly and will prevent the fish from breaking. A curl code CC1350 can also be attached to the weighing hook.


  • Color: BS(Blue - Silver), RS(Red - Silver), DS(Dark Silver - Silver), BD(Black - Dark Silver)
  • Length: 290mm
  • Scales: Max 20kg
  • Weight: 245g

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