S.O.M Custom Handle NO LIMITS 19SW30000/18000BM95

S.O.M Custom Handle NO LIMITS 19SW30000/18000BM95

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S.O.M Custom Handle NO LIMITS 19SW30000/18000BM95

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88mm arm/BM95 knob (30000-18000 class)

The handle knob shape "BM95" for long-time fights of super-large items was devised by tester Hiromu Sano.
The bar-shaped super-large knob makes it easy to apply force to push and pull, and it is easy to grip not only for reeling but also for lure jerk.
Also, no matter how well-trained your body is, you can reach the limit of your arm strength and grip strength in a few minutes for a full-throttle fight.
Reeling by changing the handle effectively disperses the muscle strength used and strongly supports long fights.

<How to use BM knob:>

This custom handle adopts a long-time fighting knob shape dedicated to tuna. Due to its unique design, you can turn the handle with a straight hand, reverse hand, or side grip in a long fight. It is an idea to reduce fatigue by using the muscles of the whole arm.

<64 titanium parts:>

Handle rivet and handle shaft made of 64 titanium. Due to the same strength design as the upper size, it will not bend or break even when fighting a super-large game.

<Lineup (19SW30000/18000 BM95)>

19SW30000/18000 BM95