SIYOUEI KIWAMI Hand-Knitting Landing Net 60cm No.623

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  • Model: NO.623
  • Size:
    • Diameter: 60cm
    • Depth: 75cm
  • Tegus size: #16 (approx 80lb Nylon Line)
  • Due to hand-knitting, the size and length of the eyes may differ slightly.
  • Color: Red, Blue
  • Made in Japan

Attention is the two steps knitting mesh. By changing the fineness of the mesh from the bottom to 10mm, and 15mm, you can scoop up floats and lures, and it is easy to keep the net open, so you can scoop fish without stress. Is possible. In addition, 60 cm and 70 cm use Tegus No. 16 for big fish, and Tegus that makes it easy to remove the needle entanglement is also used for the ear plow.

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