SIYOUEI Foldable Landing Ultra Frame KIWAMI 45cm Ver.II No.821

$138.00 AUD

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The Kiwami one-piece model that uses extra super duralumin material with titanium-class strength. Further strength is achieved by making the conventional 3-point joint into a one-piece dress. Of course, the titanium bolt part is equipped with an [air intake function], and by eliminating joint parts, we have succeeded in improving the weight reduction and improving operability.
  • Model: NO.821
  • Frame diameter: 45cm
  • Pipe diameter: 8mm (common to all frame diameters)
  • Frame material: Duralumin
  • Screw material: Titanium (screw size: JIS W1 / 2 ")
  • Color: Red, Blue, Gold
  • Made in Japan

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