Shimano Exsence Silent Assassin 120F FLASH BOOST Floating Minnow XU-112T

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  • Integrating Shimano's market leading Flash Boost technology, which uses a reflective mirror suspended by micro springs, which harnesses light and UV rays to attract fish throughout the water column.
  • Equipped with Shimano's AR-C center of gravity movement casting system, which gives the lure both of long range casting and strong buoyancy.
  • Type : Floating Minnow
  • Length : 120mm
  • Weight : 19g
  • Flowing Spec 50cm/s -
  • Swimming Depth : 30-100 cm
  • Casting Distance : average 65m
  • Swim form : 5°
  • with hooks : ST-46(#4×2)






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