Shimano Fireblood Burley Mixer 3D/2D

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  • Equipped with a T-shaped grip that fits comfortably in the hand and an X-shaped blade that mixes well with light power.
  • UL-001S 3D
    • 3D X shape blade: Curved blade improves easiness of kneading.
    • Length: 42 cm
    • JAN Code: 4969363662064
  • UL-001S 2D
    • 2D X shape blade: X shape blade is adopted. It mixes well with light force.
    • Length: 42 cm
    • JAN Code: 4969363662071
  • Specially designed grip: The grip is a T-shaped grip that is integrally molded to achieve rigidity and slip resistance.
  • Materials:
    • Grip: polypropylene, TPV
    • Shaft: stainless steel
    • Blade: stainless steel

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