SHIMANO OCEA EJ SPEED JIG JV-223S for Electric Jigging 230g

SHIMANO OCEA EJ SPEED JIG JV-223S for Electric Jigging 230g

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SHIMANO OCEA EJ SPEED JIG JV-223S for Electric Jigging 230g

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A new dimension that you can experience because it is electric jigging! Dedicated design for high-speed electric jerk

Observing the movement of the jig in the sea, when performing high-speed jerk with an electric reel, the jig moves at a speed that cannot be achieved with a normal jigging tackle. That's why fish that don't eat in normal actions react. However, it turned out that a normal jig cannot withstand this speed and rotates easily, making it difficult to achieve the desired bite action.
Therefore, the EJ speed is specially designed with the aim of a shape that can continue to slide stably at high speed without rotating even when jerking at the high speed (display speed: Hi) retrieve of the electric reel.

How to aim for yellowtail and amberjack The action for aiming for yellowtail is at a display speed of around 10. Use a large rod to create a long line slack and widen the slide width of the jig. Also, when aiming for amberjack, it is recommended to select an appropriate speed in the high speed range from 20 to Hi and jerk quickly.


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Appealing new color that colors electric jigging!

New color for electric jigging jig, EJ speed. A silver with an appealing hologram pattern that emits a strong shine that can become a new standard, and an A type scale boost. Based on the A type scale boost, the A Keimura bait, which creates even more appealing power by reacting to ultraviolet rays, is a strong color that is indispensable for tuna games. A new proposal color T gropin that arranges the scale boost of the T type, which uses the glow of transparent scales as a weapon, in glow colors. All of them are new colors that attract targets with their powerful appeal.