23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish
23 Shimano Vanquish

23 Shimano Vanquish

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23 Shimano Vanquish


North Willoughby

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Beyond “lightness”.
In addition to pursuing weight reduction, low inertia, and increased sensitivity as the pinnacle of the MGL series, infinity technology has provided cast feel, durability, winding comfort and power. In addition, line trouble-free performance and drag wear resistance performance have also been greatly improved.
It's not just lightness, it's true lightness with suppleness in toughness. A new Vanquish with overwhelming potential in all directions. Shimano spinning reel cutting-edge racing specs that want to deliver unexperienced response to stoic anglers who challenge the other side of the limit.



Shimano's design concept is to create products that can be truly used by making the most of metal processing technology.

Robustness that can be used safely even in harsh conditions. Precise winding comfort and reliable operation that stimulate sensibility. And the hoisting power beyond imagination. By honestly pursuing a reel that can be used by anglers, that activity creates HAGANE gears and HAGANE bodies, and becomes Shimano's belief. All for anglers.

Hagane Gear
What we aimed for was a feeling that never changes.

We press metal blocks with high pressure and finish them with micron-level precision without cutting. A unique technology called precision cold forging creates a hard and tenacious gear that enables smooth winding.

Micro Module Gear II
Light and smooth. Gem gear feel.

Micro module gear II evolved with cutting-edge tooth surface design and Shimano's unique manufacturing technology. We have reviewed the design from the gear teeth and each tooth surface to pursue the ideal tooth shape. We have also achieved a reduction in noise and an improvement in smooth gear feeling.

X Ship
Larger drive gear diameter, optimal placement of pinion and drive gears, and two-point support with pinion gear bearings. The meshing of these robust gears maintains light reeling that is strong against loads.

By using lightweight and highly rigid metals such as aluminum and magnesium, the deflection, distortion, and twisting of the reel are firmly suppressed. It protects the meshing of delicate gears and enables smooth reeling.

Infinity Loop
Significantly reduced line release resistance, cast feel that seems to come off

"Super" tight winding that surpasses tight winding. Due to the evolution of the internal structure, the speed at which the spool moves up and down is overwhelmingly slowed down. By winding the line on the spool in an orderly and precise manner, we succeeded in greatly reducing the release resistance of the line. We have realized a cast feel that can be pulled out and a smooth line delivery.

Infinity Cross
Overwhelming gear durability through reliable design and manufacturing technology

Advances in gear tooth surface design and manufacturing technology have improved the contact area where the drive gear and pinion gear mesh. As a result, we succeeded in distributing the load on the tooth surface of the gear over a wider area. It prevents intensive damage and damage, and the durability has been improved by about 2 times compared to the conventional design.

*According to our standard gear endurance test

Infinity Drive
Powerful hoisting that always takes the initiative.

By supporting the main shaft, which was previously supported by a pinion gear, with a special low-friction bushing, sliding resistance is greatly reduced, and a special surface treatment is applied to the main shaft itself to reduce rotational torque. It has evolved into a reel that can be actively wound even under high load.

Overwhelming wear resistance, smooth and reliable drag performance

New drag washer with new material. The material is reinforced by weaving new fibers perpendicular to the direction of the fibers that make up the conventional drag washer. We succeeded in increasing the wear resistance more than 10 times while maintaining the smooth drag performance.

*According to our comparison test

Silent drive
A tranquil sense of unity with thorough attention to detail.

We reviewed the basic design of the entire body and drive-related parts one by one, and thoroughly eliminated fine play, gaps, and vibrations between parts down to the smallest detail. The areas to be improved are wide-ranging, including drive gears, worm shafts, worm shaft pins, worm shaft gears, and slider gears. A new dimension of smooth rotation performance and quiet winding comfort have been realized.

Magnum Light Rotor
Rotational inertia is reduced and rotor rigidity is strengthened.

Adopting a left-right asymmetrical rotor structure, the Magnum Light Rotor achieves a different dimension of lightness in rotation in pursuit of improved operability and sensitivity. In addition, we succeeded in reducing the rotational inertia by reducing the weight of the line roller, using titanium for the bail, and optimizing the placement of the rotor thickness.

Anti Twist Fins
For more comfortable fishing, line trouble suppression structure

An elastic fin is installed so that it is close to the line roller part. By suppressing the slack of the line, it reduces the phenomenon that the line falls off at the bottom of the spool and the phenomenon that the line is wound around the spool while being twisted.

Shimano boasts an impregnable waterproof structure.

For small and medium-sized general-purpose spinning that requires lighter rotation, we stuck to the non-contact structure so as not to impair the lightness of rotation. In addition to conventional water-repellent treatment, a labyrinth structure that suppresses water intrusion is combined to achieve high waterproof performance while being non-contact. Used in stopper bearings, line rollers, etc.

G free body
Sliding functional parts for moving the spool back and forth are placed on the upper part of the reel body, successfully bringing the center of gravity of the entire reel closer to the hand. This improves the sense of unity with the rod, reduces fatigue due to casting, and improves rod operability.

AR-C spool
A spool with a special spool ring shape. This creates a line rectification effect, realizing both suppression of line trouble and long throw performance.

long stroke spool

By increasing the width of the spool bobbin with a long stroke design, it is possible to reduce the amount of line loss in the latter half of the cast, contributing to improved cast feeling and flight distance .

A new carbon material that evolved the lightweight carbon material CI4. The rigidity and durability have been greatly improved while maintaining the lightness, making it possible to reduce the size and weight of the reel.

Rigid support drag
By supporting the spool with the main shaft and two bearings inside the spool, it suppresses the fluctuation of the spool and exhibits stable and smooth drag performance.

By applying a special anti-rust treatment to the bearing itself, the durability against rust has been greatly improved. S A-RB further seals the sides with an anti-corrosion material, greatly reducing salt deposits due to salt recrystallization inside the bearing.

One piece veil
Succeeded in manufacturing a seamless integrally molded veil. It looks beautiful and trouble-free.

Sea water OK