(JDM) SHIMANO 2022 Beast Master MD 6000 Electric reel
(JDM) SHIMANO 2022 Beast Master MD 6000 Electric reel
(JDM) SHIMANO 2022 Beast Master MD 6000 Electric reel
(JDM) SHIMANO 2022 Beast Master MD 6000 Electric reel

(JDM) SHIMANO 2022 Beast Master MD 6000 Electric reel

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(JDM) SHIMANO 2022 Beast Master MD 6000 Electric reel

North Willoughby

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gest Beast Master, evolved to catch giant fish.
The heart of the powertrain bearing the name of MD = Monster Drive is the newly developed NEW GIGA-MAX MOTOR with greatly improved performance. Achieved 2.5 times the motor torque (*1) and a practical winding endurance of 38 kg. The driving force that combines overwhelming speed and power is received by a reinforced gear system that incorporates Shimano's technological capabilities with excellent durability and attention to detail. In addition, the drag power, which is the decisive factor in fighting with a super-sized fish, is an astonishing 43k.
Shimano's strongest Beast Master, evolved to catch giant fish.
A legendary giant tengu who taught martial arts to Ushiwakamaru when he was a child who should not be approached. I saw the glorious brave figure of fulfilling a great wish in the future in the appearance of a beloved disciple who is triumphantly training.
Slim long popper Kurama Tengu. A body line reminiscent of a large bait. It stimulates the monster's intuition with light movements and unimaginable popping splashes from vertical standing after casting.
The leader of Tengu, Kurama Tengu. When the great tengu swoops down in the golden ocean, the passion of determination turns into reality.

[About power supply]
The product does not contain a lithium battery.
In order to fully demonstrate the performance of the reel, we recommend using a large capacity battery (manufactured by our company: BT Master 11AH).




A mighty new heart. NEW GIGA-MAX MOTOR.

Uncompromising drag. Actual fishing power with a maximum drag force of 43 kg.

A heat dissipation system that enables long fights with large fish.



 A reinforced gear system that delivers tremendous power and durability.

The Search Maru screen installed in the Beastmaster MD6000 displays information on the Search Maru, such as water depth, bottom shape, fish reactions such as schools and fish body length (Accufish), and the trajectory of the tackle, on the LCD screen of the reel in color. display.

At the bottom of the sea, on the surface of the sea, for important moments. Powerful handle without compromise.

Gear Ratio
PE Line Capacity

#6-830, #8-600, #10-450, #12-380

MAX Drag
MAX Winding Speed
170m / min
MAX Winding power 38kg
Jigging function Programmable Jigging Function
Country of manufacture Japan



Made of highly rigid metals such as aluminium and magnesium. Weight has been greatly reduced while reel flexure, warp and distortion has been eliminated, allowing for smooth reeling with little power loss.


The Beastmaster MD6000 is equipped with a newly developed NEW GIGA-MAX motor that has been enlarged to achieve overwhelming power and speed. The motor torque has achieved an amazing 2.5 times.


Control function to suppress abnormal heat generation in the drag section to mainain stable drag performance. When drag slips, rotation speed of motor is automatically lowered.


Digital drag sound, giving you the same level of fishing enjoyment.


Shielded Anti-Rust bearings are similar to A-RB, but feature additional shields for the ultimate protection.


Select between Raku or Speed Mode. Raku Mode: Maintain constant tension and winding according to the load on the end of the line. Speed Mode: Maintain constant speed regardless of load.


Fine Dot LCD crystal with excellent visibility and operability

Multilingual Display

It is now possible to switch the display language of LCD to Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.