Owner Hook Sharpener
Owner Hook Sharpener
Owner Hook Sharpener
Owner Hook Sharpener


Owner Hook Sharpener

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Owner Hook Sharpener

A TYPE (for rough grinding)


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When you want to raise the sharpness of the tension in an emergency scene where you cannot miss a momentary chance
A hook sharpener for fishing hooks that can be used properly according to the type of tension, for rough grinding, for finishing, and for sharpening the tip of the tension effectively with its shape.

Sharpening the hook will scrape off the coating on the surface of the hook, which will significantly reduce the corrosion resistance to rust. Please consider the sharpening work as an emergency response on site.

[1. Specifications]
● The V-shaped slit groove on the side has a curved groove for the hook curve type such as a cutting point and a straight groove for the hook straight. Please use properly according to the hook type.
● The hook shaft correction hole is for simple correction dedicated to thin shaft hooks. If you use it too much, it may be damaged, so please recognize it as a simple correction.
[2. How to sharpen]
The direction to sharpen the hook should be as shown in the figure on the right. On the contrary, if you sharpen it, you will get more wasteful sharpening than necessary. We also recommend the final finish sharpening.