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Bucket mouse series, VW-2070, VW-2055, VS-7070, VS-7055, side pocket BM-120 compatible rod stand. By using the hook-shaped one-touch unit so that the stand body can be attached with one touch, you can easily attach and detach it. Since the length of the stand can be adjusted in 3 stages, it can be used for any fishing scene. This is a rod stand that has been trained more practically by feeding back the voice of the site.


    • Size 50×54×283mm(Pedestal width 100mm)
    • Material: 
      • Stand body, cover, footrest: Polycarbonate resin
      • Cap: Elastomer resin
      • Attachment: POM resin
    • Color:
      • Clear red x black
      • Clear blue x black
      • Clear black x black
      • Clear orange x black
    • Stand hole diameter 35mm
    • HG
    • Compatible with BM-9000, BM-7000, BM-5000, VS-7080, VS-7080N, VS-7070, VS-7070N, VS-7055, VS-7055N, VW-2070, VW-2055, Side Pocket BM-120

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