MC Works Metal jig TARMAC 90g
MC Works Metal jig TARMAC 90g

MC Works Metal jig TARMAC 90g

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MC Works Metal jig TARMAC 90g

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Shore jig that combines quick fall and manual response.

Ensures a stable swim poster even when casting rough, weight distribution that does not sacrifice fall speed, and response that darts with less energy.

For shore casting, it is essential to be able to cast a long distance. And good response that can be handled with a long rod, that is, pulling resistance when jerking, and how to produce a movement that appeals to blue objects with a small rod action is required.

The TARMAC adopts a symmetrical body shape so that the angler can intentionally make irregular actions, and the straightforward movement attracts blue objects in one-pitch jerk and jakajaka winding.

It is designed so that the user can dare to create a gap on this side by controlling the input energy irregularly in the monotonous movement.