Mangrove Studio VOLADOR 170LS Wooden Stick Bait

Mangrove Studio VOLADOR 170LS Wooden Stick Bait

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Mangrove Studio VOLADOR 170LS Wooden Stick Bait


North Willoughby

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

340 Penshurst Street
North Willoughby NSW 2068


  • Target for tuna, dolphin fish, and blue-backed fish.
  • The low center of gravity and flat berries maintain a stable posture even under various conditions such as horizontal subsidence, landing, wind, tidal current, and line slack.
  • The sharply carved nose improves draining and reacts swiftly according to the angler's intention, a PE setting action.
  • Being aware of the viewpoint from the fish, the flat surfaces on both sides are slightly downward.
  • "Level Sinking / LS" realizes high long-distance casting with its weight balance setting and slender shape with less resistance.
  • "Natural Sinking / NS" has been reduced in weight to make the dying bait drift in the sea more realistically without disturbing its stable flight attitude and swim balance.
  • Realistic sinking speed, fall posture, and further agility to rod work have been achieved.
  • By properly using "long distance" for heavy tackle,


  • Reference ring: 110 mm & 130 mm → 100 lb, 150 mm → 100-150 lb, 170 mm → 150-200 lb
  • Reference hook (for owner ST-66 class): 110mm → # 1, 130mm → # 1/0, 150mm → # 2/0, 170mm → # 3/0
    (If you increase the front hook by one size, you can also tilt forward.)