LUMICA Underwater Flash Flashing Light UFO

LUMICA Underwater Flash Flashing Light UFO

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LUMICA Underwater Flash Flashing Light UFO


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It is a high-performance fish collecting light equipped with a rotation mode in addition to the constant light / blinking mode.

It emits a glitter beam in all directions to stimulate the curiosity of fish.
Lighting pattern that can be selected according to the activity of the fish.

It is an easy-to-use fish collection light because it has one AA battery.

《Single color type》

Omnidirectional glitter beam → Flashing fireflies that stimulate curiosity → Fish frenzy! Beacon that upsets reason

* Orange is out of print.

《Color change type》

Green beam → Blue beam → Red beam → Low speed rotation color change → High speed rotation color change

The mode can be changed each time the battery case is tightened.
* Green, blue, orange, and UV are out of print.

content UFO light body x 1
body size Diameter 28mm×130mm
Body weight About 63g (battery with む)
weight in water About 15g (equivalent to size 4)
Water pressure resistance 1,200m
Tensile strength 85kgf
use battery

Alkaline AA batteries x 1

battery exchange possible

Lighting pattern Always light → blinking → slowly blinking → off
Color lineup
(5 colors in total)
  • Red
  • Color change
Continuous use time

《Single color type》

Constant light mode: Approximately 24 hours

Blinking mode: Approximately 26 hours

Rotation mode: Approximately 40 hours

《Color change type》

Everlight Green Beam: Approximately 22 hours

Always-lit blue beam: Approximately 24 hours

Regular light red beam: Approximately 18 hours

Slow color change: about 36 hours

High-speed color change: about 30 hours

* The color change is in the order of green → blue → red.

Target fish

Akou, Kinme, Madara, Offshore rockfish, Onikasago

Blackthroat seaperch, gnomefish, sodeika, hairtail, etc.

[Red] JAN: 4967574163806
[Color change] JAN: 4967574163981