K-FLAT Metal Jig KEI JIG 200g - 2022 Limited Color

K-FLAT Metal Jig KEI JIG 200g - 2022 Limited Color

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K-FLAT Metal Jig KEI JIG 200g - 2022 Limited Color

No.58: Pink Glow Dot / Crash Holo

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It is easy to give KEI Jig action and it’s not heavy when you retrieve it. In other words, all you have to do is give one pitch action, after you felt KEI jig touched bottom.

When there are many reactions from the bottom, give action like knoking on there carefully.

When there are big reactions in the middle layer of the sea, repeat one pitch action.

It’s not difficult to make an action to KEI Jig rather than Gummy jig which makes hovering action. It’s important to retrieve speed with the strength.

Features of KEI Jig

The KEI Jig is designed to mimic the movement of sardines that school in the middle of the water and squid that target them with a small one-pitch action without creating a flashy slide.

The KEI Jig creates a feeding point by making the jig assume a vertical position by adding a crisp, one-pitch movement. When fishing with a spanker, an angler shifts the jig’s feed position little by little, looking for the feel of the tide on the jig.

When fishing in DOTERA NAGASHI (drifting the boat with the wind and current), be aware of the layer you want to pass through as you explore the KEI jig with a line. We have caught a number of sizes well over 10kg for both Hiramasa (King fish) and yellowtail in the testing phase, and have also caught over 20kg of Amberjack when fishing vertically with a spanker.

Variety of Colours

No.58: Pink Glow Dot / Crash Holo
No.59: Blue Pink Glow Dot / Diamond Holo
No.60: Red Gold Glow Dot / Gold Holo
No.61: Blue Back Glow dot / Uroko Holo


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This product is not equipped with a hook.
There may be a slight difference in color between the image and the actual product.