K-FLAT Metal Jig GUMMY FAT 200g - 2022 Limited Color

K-FLAT Metal Jig GUMMY FAT 200g - 2022 Limited Color

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K-FLAT Metal Jig GUMMY FAT 200g - 2022 Limited Color

No.58: Pink Glow Dot / Crash Holo

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When the tide is working, Gummy jig is effective. On the other hand, when the tide doesn’t work well, it’s the time you use Gummy fat.

Especially, under a weak current situation, we made the edge area wider than Gummy to facilitate hovering action that create an indispensable time.

That brings a tremendous effect at the beginning and end of tide.

Characteristics of Gummy fat

The fall posture that slides down from the head of Gummy Yuzuri creates an action that makes the bait escape, creating a bait that reaches structures such as horse mackerel and Nembutsudai that are often found around roots and fishing reefs.

Gummy fat has characteristic round eye.

When jerking or retrieving the sprit ring slides in the round eye by putting “a pause” to the power fulcrum which is in the center tip of the eye. At the same time the reeder has a tension when the jig gets stuck and hovers by the sea water.

After that, by the balance between the reeder tension and the head weight the jig slides and falls from the head like that the bait runs away, which makes it possible to “stay and eat around”.

Color variations


Color variations

  • No.58: Pink Glow Dot / Crash Holo
  • No.59: Blue Pink Glow Dot / Diamond Holo
  • No.60: Red Gold Glow Dot / Gold Holo
  • No.61: Blue Back Glow dot / Uroko Holo

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  • This product is not equipped with a hook.
  • There may be a slight difference in color between the image and the actual product.