K-FLAT Metal Jig GUMMY 200g
K-FLAT Metal Jig GUMMY 200g
K-FLAT Metal Jig GUMMY 200g

K-FLAT Metal Jig GUMMY 200g

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K-FLAT Metal Jig GUMMY 200g

No.1 Silver

North Willoughby

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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North Willoughby NSW 2068


The image of the basic handling is a short jerk action in getting stuck by the sea water. That is pulling the jig by the rod with retrieving the line by the handle of the reel. You can take a load on the jig in an angle of bending rod and cause the characteristic waves in the water.

Moreover the most an effective action is “Drift & Fall” which is that under a tough condition let the jig to drift at the bottom to make a fish to “stay and eat around” and fall tempt fish to the jig more closely.


Color variations

No.1 Silver,

No.2 Pink,

No.3 Blue Pink,

No.4 Seven Miles Iwashi,

No.5 Iwashi,

No.6 Red Gold,

No.7 Green Belly-Glow,

No.8 Silver Pink Belly-Glow,

No.9 Aji,

No.11 All Glow Silver Line,

No.12 Pearl Belly-Orange,

No.15 Aurora Glow Head

No.39 Aurora Pink Back


No.15 Aurora / Glow head emission state.
(Gummy, Gummy Fat, Kei Jig, Kei Jig Sharp)
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  • This product is not equipped with a hook.
  • There may be a slight difference in color between the image and the actual product.