Jumprize Vibration Blade Chata Bee 68mm 15.4g

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Jumprize Chata Bee 68
  • ChataBee 68 offers a wide range of support from rivers and lakes, shallow seabass to salmon perch and persimmon to surf flatfish and has a great track record.

  • A specially structured vibration that is easy to use for anyone who is particular about medium to high speed action and response.

  • The common sense of vibration changes greatly by the ABS integral molding and the penetration wire design which were stuck to the world's highest level of breaking strength.

    1. It is hard to break even if it is used around bridges of rivers and rivers.
    2. Realize action that does not choose the field that can be done only by solid body of one-piece molding.
    3. Safe even if you get extra large fish. If you wear a single hook, you will be able to face big KING FISH and tuna.

  • Length:68mm
  • Weight:15.4g
  • Type:Sinking
  • Action:High pitch vibration
  • Depth:1m~10m
  • Hook:ST-46 #6

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