Jumprize Floating Lure Lalapen 125F

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Jumprize Floating Lure Lalapen 125F

  • A serious blue fish shore casting game necessities!

  • The Lala Pen series is a new sense of pencil that gently and gently slides on the water surface to attract fish rather than pulling and diving like a conventional diving pencil.

  • Small lures are very effective when blue fish and tuna are eating small baitfish and when activity is low.

  • Operate the Lalapen 125F gently by combining the soft rod with the light line from PE line 1.5 to No. 3.


  • Then the fishs often react suddenly.

  • The LALAPEN 125F adopts a high strength body setting resistant to crushing and a 1.2 mm penetrating wire system.

  • If you use a single hook, you can cope with tunas of over 30 kg from large blue ones.

  • Fully compatible with blue game casting games using heavy seabass tackle! !

  • Length:125mm

  • Weight:25 g

  • Action:QuickSlide & short dive

  • Ring: Reinforcement ring # 4

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