JUMPRIZE Metal Jig Momo Punch 100g
JUMPRIZE Metal Jig Momo Punch 100g
JUMPRIZE Metal Jig Momo Punch 100g

JUMPRIZE Metal Jig Momo Punch 100g

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JUMPRIZE Metal Jig Momo Punch 100g


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JUMPRIZE Metal Jig Momo Punch

Momo Punch" is a metal jig that is fully compatible with shore jigging from embankments, surf, and shores, as well as offshore.

The sharp wobble slide created by the thin body and curved tail, which has been stripped of extravagant meat to the utmost limit, switches on the instinct of migratory fish, sea bass, and flat fish to induce reaction bites.

The shape and thickness are not the same size design, but all models are different to produce the ideal action.

Momo Punch has adopted mold molding instead of normal rubber molding. The biggest merit of mold molding is that the casting error is as small as 1% or less, and unevenness does not occur for each production lot.

It is a commitment that seems to be a jump rise that is not profitable. Recommended usage: Jerk action with line slugs, including one-pitch jerk with an assist hook on the front.

* Please note : Since the peach punch emphasizes the thinnest slide, it may bend slightly when hit, pinched, or impacted. Since it is a penetrating wire and a casting body of a mold, bending does not affect the strength at all. Also, please fix it by hand before use.

Recommended hook: JUMPRIZE Single hook Light Sharp Assist MH / MMH.

Length: 183mm (169 mm excluding the eye)

Weight: 100g