Major Craft Jigpara Micro Shorejig SABIKI SET

$10.00 AUD

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I want to catch fish anyway!
I want to improve my fishing results!
I want to fish easily!
Jigpara Micro Shorejig SABIKI is the ultimate weapon that responds to needs of anglers!

“Jigpara Shorejig SABIKI SET” and “Jigpara Micro Shorejig SABIKI SET” that can be enjoyed immediately by connecting a line to the swivel.
Even if you do not have a leader system for the first time, you can enjoy “Shorejig Sabiki” by connecting the PE line directly to the swivel.

.Attach to your casting or rubber jigging lure and enjoy.

  • 2 hooks per rig
  • 1 set per pack
    • Full Length : 40 cm
    • Main Line Size : S (6 lb), M (7 lb), L (8 lb)
    • Sub Line Size : S (7 lb), M (8 lb), L (10 lb)
    • Target Fish: Rockfish, scorpion fish, sardines, small mackerel, small horse mackerel etc.


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