Jackson Metal Effect Stay Fall 10g
Jackson Metal Effect Stay Fall 10g
Jackson Metal Effect Stay Fall 10g
Jackson Metal Effect Stay Fall 10g

Jackson Metal Effect Stay Fall 10g

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Jackson Metal Effect Stay Fall 10g


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The basic usage of metal jig is roughly divided into "just winding" and or "jerking". Of these, "stayfall" was developed with a focus on the "jerking" style retrieve. There are various methods of "jerking", but the one I use most often and produce the fishing results is "Kurohyou jerk". Jerk 3 times (wind the reel 3 times) and fall, then jerk 3 times and fall, and repeat. It is a method to make the fish show interest with each jerk and eat it when dropped. It seems easy in words, but when entering the fall operation, the rod tip is lowered for a moment and the line slack is intentionally put out. By doing so, you can make the most of the original movement of the metal jig and bringing on the bite. And because of repeated research, we have completed a metal jig that can stay in the water and produce an "Interval to feed" without the action of putting out line slack! It was not suitable to make an "Interval to feed" with a thin silhouette of a general anchovy profile because the water drains quickly. However, in this "Stay Fall", a dent is provided on the side of the jig so that it can move easily by the shapes resistance to water flow, making it possible to stay in the water for those crucial bite moments. If you just stay in the water and fall, the body will not move and and hence the lure will not flash, so it lacks appeal. Therefore, by smoothing the edge of the dent on only one side, we created an opportunity for water to escape. As a result, flashing occurs while the lure shimmy’s and falls, and it falls like a leaf. By balancing the center of gravity slightly closer to the rear, then the center, you can secure a flight distance and cast without resistance. If the center of gravity is closer to the rear side, you may think that it will not be a horizontal fall, but this also enables a horizontal fall by receiving water in the entire recess of the lure body. Eight colors carefully selected by the Kurohyou (Ikuma) are available, from the selection of holographic to the color arrangement. Please experience the ability of "Stay Fall" that can maximize the "Interval to feed" that is effective not only for "Kuroh you jerk" but also for various jerking styles of fishing.

  • Size: 46mm
  • Weight: 10g
  • Hook: F#6 R#12