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S size: (260 x 160 x 110mm, 3 compartments)
M size: (320 x 240 x 130mm, 4 compartments)
L size: (410 x 310 x 170mm, 6 compartments)

The Tackle Bag is a special bag for anglers, which is developed to protect tackles from shocks or water splash. Only L size bag has a shoulder belt and front pocket. You can take the bag as carry-on baggage when travelling. The outside material is made of strong tarpaulin with excellent waterproof ability and is easy to clean. Only HOTS logo is printed (no illustration of fishes) for S and M size.

The bag comes with mesh pockets inside and they are useful for storing small items.

Six large reels can be stored in L size bag (the image shows Shimano 20000 class).

Shock-resistant material is used inside and it protects reels and cameras from the shock (soft shell material is used for S and M size).

Waterproof zip fastener is used and it protects the tackles from rain and water splash. (This product is not totally waterproof. The items inside may get wet if the bag is exposed in rain or water splash for long period of time)

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