Good Bait BnD 180F Diving Popper
Good Bait BnD 180F Diving Popper
Good Bait BnD 180F Diving Popper
Good Bait BnD 180F Diving Popper
Good Bait BnD 180F Diving Popper
Good Bait BnD 180F Diving Popper

Good Bait BnD 180F Diving Popper

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Good Bait BnD 180F Diving Popper

80 Holo Back Iwashi

North Willoughby

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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Total Length:180mm
Swim type:Floating
Without hooks and rings

Can achieve 4 different actions with one lure.

  • Wobble Dive: Utilizing the lip with diving jerks to make it swim briskly with a wobble.
  • Bubble Popping: Short jerks, mindful of slack in the line, to draw in clusters of bubbles underwater.
  • Bubble Slalom: Long jerks with a firm grip on the bubbles, creating a straight trajectory.
  • Minnow Swimming: By setting the hook front-heavy, it swims slowly during retrieval."


  • BnD ( BUBBLE and DIVE) was born to aim for blue fish from the shore.
  • Indicator head that visually lets you know when you can manipulate the bubbles.
  • The cup lip combines the popper cup and minnow lip to create a wide action with bubbles.
  • Body line that controls stable flight attitude
  • Extra-thick body for safe use on rocks and offshore.
  • The extra-thick 1.8mm penetrating wire is further reinforced with spot welding for offshore monsters.
  • A critical hit with a strong jerk that increases the speed of the dive to the maximum.
  • “The Power of Foam” is extremely effective even offshore! The bubbles that remain there for as long as possible serve as a bite marker, alerting fish dozens of meters below with sound and light.
  • The unique shape makes it difficult to misdive, making it easy to use even in shore fishing.
  • It has good water bite, so it is good for rocky shores with high footing
  • Changing the timing of the jerk will change the action.
  • Take advantage of the power of bubbles that attract fish.
  • Durable body construction for MONSTER FISH.

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Neon paint for improved visibility

It is painted with an ultraviolet luminescent coating which has been specially adopted to enhance the ability to "clearly see and operate with intent."

A holo bag that reflects light from the back and keeps shining

"Maximize the use of sunlight and keep reflecting it underwater"
- the opposite of blinking. The potential for continuous shining appeal.