Good Bait BnD 163F Diving Popper
Good Bait BnD 163F Diving Popper
Good Bait BnD 163F Diving Popper
Good Bait BnD 163F Diving Popper
Good Bait BnD 163F Diving Popper

Good Bait BnD 163F Diving Popper

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Pickup available at North Willoughby Usually ready in 24 hours

Good Bait BnD 163F Diving Popper

Neon Shirasu

North Willoughby

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

340 Penshurst Street
North Willoughby NSW 2068


This popper can make various types of actions.

Total length: 163mm
Weight: 68g
Lure type: Floating diving pencil


  • A new body with good response designed for Kingfish.
  • A smaller diameter cup for a lighter pull and better release than the BnD180F.
  • The strong presence is maintained by the voluminous height inherited from the BnD180F.
  • The holoback color has been deepened into a design that efficiently continues to emit light into the water.
  • Body design that can accommodate the largest hook in its size class.

<Hook Setting:>

Body balance assuming #3/0 as the main. #3/0 is the best balance for Vanfook's  Premium CT-88 and Owner ST-66.

Gamakatsusha's SP-XH can be equipped with up to #4/0. The body is compatible with large hooks, which is rare among 16cm class bodies.

A wide range of hooks can be installed as long as the single hook is balanced so that the front and back do not get tangled. MC Works' bondage hook #9/0 are commercially available assist hooks that can be used without stress.

If you are using a twin hook, we recommend Sasamebari's Single Kudako #4/0 as it does not get tangled at the front or back and also has a good balance and matching with the lure.

Neon paint for improved visibility

It is painted with an ultraviolet luminescent coating which has been specially adopted to enhance the ability to "clearly see and operate with intent."

A holo bag that reflects light from the back and keeps shining

"Maximize the use of sunlight and keep reflecting it underwater"
- the opposite of blinking. The potential for continuous shining appeal.