Golden Mean Gimble GM Pad Mini

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The GM Pad Mini, is not simply a of compact support, but rather a true support able to respond to the huge target.

This excellent tool has been realized by engineers at Golden Mean by using a resin reinforced ABS in this way, ensures maximum flexibility while maintaining the standing position to the fisherman with GM Pad Mini the effort of the super capture you go to download into the plate , greatly reducing the load in the arms, when the weight of the capture increases exponentially pain.

Be observed that the back is coated with a thick layer of EVA, this in order to ensure maximum comfort in the lower part of the abdomen and provide high stability, excluding any possibility of displacement of the support.

The system to belt that has been adopted, with slide buckle and quick attachment and further adjusting in Velcro, it is extremely easy to use and easily release, also features of a convenient carabiner attached sideways for easy transport.

  • Size: H153mm, W195mm
  • Accessories: Belt, carabiner

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