GAMAKATSU ISO Rod Super Precede Long Special


GAMAKATSU ISO Rod Super Precede Long Special

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GAMAKATSU ISO Rod Super Precede Long Special

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Make the most of the benefits of long  length
A long rod that has many merits such as easy handling of gimmicks using long Harris, superiority of exchange, easy line mending, and overwhelming long-distance casting performance.
By allocating high-strength materials such as "TORAYCA (R) M40X" and "TORAYCA (R) T1100G" and determining the appropriate position of the reel seat, it is possible to minimize the feeling of weight even if it has its own weight. 

<Size #1>:  The long-distance casting performance that makes the best use of the length of the rod and the power that floats offshore are effective in capturing the seaweed beds of Chinu in early spring.
<Size #1.25>: Ideal for fishing that uses long Harris to aim for a bittersweet gray. It has the power to handle tail length gray up to around 50 cm.
<Size #1.75>: The rod power that makes the best use of the length can handle the strong pull of a large tail length gray that exceeds 60 cm.
C = carbon fiber, G = glass fiber
* Moment = standard weight (kg) x length from rod butt to center of gravity (cm)
* The above rod uses epoxy resin.
* The tip of the solid type uses a delicate carbon solid (joint with tubular) for action.
If the load is concentrated on a part of the tip, it may cause damage.
Please be careful when storing, moving, 
* "TORAYCA (R) T1100G" is a carbon fiber developed by Toray Industries, Inc. for next-generation aerospace that boasts the world's highest class tensile strength and is highly strong and highly elastic.
* The TORAYCA (R) MX series "M40X" has succeeded in improving the strength by about 30% while maintaining the elastic modulus equivalent to that of conventional carbon fiber.
* "NANOALLOY (R)" technology is Toray Industries, Inc., which can achieve dramatic improvement in characteristics compared to conventional materials by finely dispersing multiple polymers on the order of nanometers. It is a unique and innovative microstructure control technology.