Gamakatsu Round Snap 68227 <Value Pack>

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  • Color: Silver
  • Quantity
    • SS - S (8 pieces)
    • M - L (7 pieces)
  • The round shape ensures the range of motion of the lure, and the wire diameter is set one rank thinner than the conventional "onsoku speed power snap" to reduce the weight and not hinder the movement of the lure.
  • This is an indispensable item for lure rotation in severe situations.
  • (SS, S) Perfect for light games and eging such as rockfish, trout, and bass!
  • (M, L) Ideal for medium and large lures and egings such as sea bass and blue goods!
  • Breaking strength
    • SS: 30lb 13.6kg
    • S: 40lb 18.1kg
    • M: 60lb 27.2kg
    • L: 80lb 36.2kg
  • Made in Japan

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