Gamakatsu Wide Straight ROD CASE GC275
Gamakatsu Wide Straight ROD CASE GC275
Gamakatsu Wide Straight ROD CASE GC275
Gamakatsu Wide Straight ROD CASE GC275

Gamakatsu Wide Straight ROD CASE GC275

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Pickup available at North Willoughby Usually ready in 24 hours

Gamakatsu Wide Straight ROD CASE GC275


North Willoughby

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

340 Penshurst Street
North Willoughby NSW 2068

  • The main body is made of waterproof P.V.C fabric that is resistant to water and shibuki, and is very effective in fishing areas. You can easily clean it after fishing.
  • Inside is a partition that is convenient for rod interference and organization.
  • It can be carried in two ways with the handle and shoulder belt.
  • With a D-can that is convenient for attaching small items to the top of the main body.
  • Equipped with a rod holder rope that is convenient for fixing the rod.
  • Equipped with a molded resin cup that protects the impact from the bottom as standard equipment.
  • Material: <Main body> P.V.C.
  • Size: 
    • <135cm>
      • <Out〉H1,350×W190×D135mm
      • <Inner> H1,340×W160×D120mm
    • <155cm> 
      • <Out〉H1,550×W190×D135mm
      • <Inner> H1,540×W160×D120mm
    • <185cm> 
      • <Out〉H1,850×W190×D135mm
      • <Inner> H1,840×W160×D120mm
  • Weight:
    • <135cm> Apporox. 2.3kg
    • <155cm> Apporox. 2.7kg
    • <185cm> Apporox. 2.8kg

*When cleaning this product, dilute the neutral detergent with water and then apply it to a towel etc. to clean it.

*Do not use any cleaning agents other than the above, such as petroleum-based and chlorine-based.

  • Material: P.V.C
  • Size:
    • 1,410 × 180 × 130 mm
    • 1,400 x 160 x 120 mm
  • Weight: about 3.58 kg

  • The upper part of the body has been upgraded to accommodate the new guide cap.
  • The default storage number of rods is 4 to 5, but it is possible to store more than that depending on the model
  • Body adopts P.V.C fabric excellent in tear strength. It protects the rod firmly from the external impact.
  • P.V.C fabric is resistant to water and dirt, and it is easy to fall even if dirt is attached.
  • The bottom uses a resin molded cup to enhance the impact resistance from the outside.
  • The top of the main unit comes with a Landing frame fixing belt that can be used to carry the Landing Frame.

  • Top handles are convenient for delivery at the time of ferry
  • Long pockets corresponding to 80 cm diameter bait scoops
  • thick walled shoulder strap
Shoulder belt
  • The shoulder belt which adopted the large pad adopts the waterproof specification P.V.C material which does not adhere to water, siki and dirt, it can be cleaned just by wiping out water and dirt. You can also eliminate the bad smell remaining on the tape.
  • The shoulder strap (bottom) is removable with the loop clutch type. The upper part is fixed to the main body.

  • Side pockets can also be stored for long sized meals. (Corresponding to 80 cm diameter bait)
  • Please do not burden more than 18 kg on one side with both the handle and the shoulder belt.