Gamakatsu Rod GamaISO Attender 3

Gamakatsu Rod GamaISO Attender 3

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Gamakatsu Rod GamaISO Attender 3

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It is most suitable for aiming at 40cm class wide-mouthed fish. The short tip design greatly improves operability and enables precise attacks even in severe situations where precision is required. The ultra-active suspension design allows for smooth fulcrum movement, making it fully capable of handling large pulls over 50 cm.

It is suitable for situations where you are aiming for large, thick-mouthed fish and long-tailed graylings up to the 50cm class. The body's power allows it to handle even fish with tails over 50cm long without giving the fish the initiative. On the other hand, it is an all-round model that can handle the main size of the 30-45cm class with a bend unique to the torso.

This is the perfect model for aiming at thick-mouthed fish in places with tight roots, or for aiming at long-tailed fish with a tail over 50 cm. It has not only power but also sufficient tenacity, so you can target the monster class that is lurking on the brink and the threadbare attack that only uses its mouth for thin Harris. It can handle even 60cm class long-tailed gray fish.

Serials. Size Length(m) Weight(g) Closed Size(cm) Material
Moment Pieces Tip Demension
Sinker(#) Leader(#) JAN Code
22212 #1.25 5 247 112 C99.5 G0.5 21.5 5 0.75 1~4 1~3 4549018711202
22212 #1.25 5.3 263 118.5 C99.5 G0.5 25.5 5 0.75 1~4 1~3 4549018711219
22213 #1.5 5 253 112 C99.5 G0.5 22.6 5 0.75 1.5~4 1.25~4 4549018711226
22213 #1.5 5.3 270 118.5 C99.5 G0.5 26.5 5 0.75 1.5~4 1.25~4 4549018711233
22214 #1.75 5 262 113 C99.6 G0.4 24.5 5 0.8 2~5 1.5~4 4549018711240
22214 #1.75 5.3 276 119.5 C99.6 G0.4 28.4 5 0.8 2~5 1.5~4 4549018711257


 Ultra ASD (active suspension design)

Equipped with "Ultra ASD" that brings out the potential of the swinging rod to its limit. The level difference (clearance) at the seam, which is the bottleneck for smooth bending of the swinging rod, is reduced to the utmost. What's more, by using a special material with high shock absorption properties for the seams, we are able to bend the smoothest Gamaiso rod in history without exhibiting any stiffness, making it possible to transmit stress just like a one-piece rod. The rod will not stop bending due to the difference in the hardness of the seams, so even if a fish unexpectedly dips in, the entire rod will firmly catch it and keep the fish afloat.


tough matrix system

TORAYCA(R) T1100G carbon boasts the highest class strength ever. Until now, Gamaiso had been limited to using only vertical fibers, but with Attender 3, it has been expanded in multiple directions. We succeeded in dramatically improving the strength against bending and crushing, and created a carbon sheet with the world's highest class strength. By installing this new mechanism in Attender 3, it contributes to reducing the weight of the raw tube and improving durability in the limit range. Armed with the ideal materials, Attender 3 was able to achieve dramatic evolution.


reel seat

reel seat rubber

The reel seat uses carbon-containing resin "Toughlight" to reduce weight and improve rigidity. The rubber part has a shape that enhances the fit and is textured to improve grip.


New rubber grip (rod butt)

Equipped with a rubber end grip that fits comfortably when you hold it. You can grip it firmly during operation. When you hold the rod upright to interact with fish, keep the grip close to your elbow to prevent the butt of the rod from shifting. Even when power fighting with the butt of the rod against your body, the rubber prevents it from slipping and provides a secure fit to your body.


Short design first

By setting the tip short, operability, which is the weak point of body tension rods, has been dramatically improved. Also, by increasing the proportion of the length of the part that receives the pull when interacting with fish, you can respond firmly.


Low center of gravity design

In order to reduce the feeling of weight, the rod was designed with an emphasis on weight balance. By distributing the weight closer to the end grip, it reduces the feeling of weight when holding the rod in a position that allows the rod to flow, and achieves nimble operability.

rod bag