Gamakatsu Hook A1 TKO
Gamakatsu Hook A1 TKO
Gamakatsu Hook A1 TKO

Gamakatsu Hook A1 TKO

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Gamakatsu Hook A1 TKO

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  • This model is designed to focus on the popular fish for rock fishing: Snapper (T), Gure (K), and Onaga (o).
  • The color is "weed purple", which is inspired by seaweed attached to the seashore. The color blends well with the field and does not make fish wary.
  • The material is "A1", a special steel for fishing hooks with excellent strength.
  • Not only is the tip of the hook sharp due to the "topless coat," but it is also strong and wear-resistant, and maintains its sharpness.
Size Target Fish Fish Size 
4 Black Drummer
5 Black Drummer
6 Black Drummer
7 Snapper 40~50
8 Snapper 50~70
9 Snapper 60~80
10 Snapper 70~90
11 Snapper 70~90
12 Snapper 80~100